State of emergency – the stakes: Pro Agamben

Antoaneta Koleva has been director of Criticism and Humanism since 1995. The publisher is specialised in the humanities and social sciences and is a member of the International Alliance of Independent Publishers. A philosopher by background, Koleva has specialised in contemporary French philosophy, translation, publishing management in France, the UK, the Czech Republic, etc. She has translated over 25 works of French Philosophers (e.g. M. Foucault, J. Deleuze and F. Guattari, M. Blanchot, J. Derrida, etc.), authored publications in Bulgarian, English, French and German, mostly on the intellectual heritage of M. Foucault and the art of publishing sophisticated works in the humanities.

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Antoaneta Koleva – State of emergency – the stakes: Pro Agamben (pdf)

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