Екзистенция и бунт: из лекциите на Кръстева върху Сартр

Summary, keywords and biography:

The aim of this paper is to clarify a part of the relationship between Kristeva and Sartre, which so far has rarely been discussed. At first glance, there seems to be no point of contact between the post-structuralist from Sofia and the existentialist in the postwar France. However, when we reread Kristeva’s texts, we see that she repeatedly refers to Sartre directly or indirectly. In particular, it should be noted that she treats Sartre, along with Aragon and Barthes, in her lectures on “revolt” held in the mid-90’s. In this paper, we try to reveal a secret Sartrism in Kristeva from these lectures.

Keywords: Julia Kristeva, Jean-Paul Sartre, existence, revolt, abjection, tourniquet (whirligig/ revolving door)

Hisato Kuriwaki, born in 1988 in Chiba, Japan, is a PhD student majoring in French literature and philosophy. He is currently preparing a thesis on Jean-Paul Sartre at The University of Tokyo.


Екзистенция и бунт: из лекциите на Кръстева върху Сартр

* Първоначално това бе доклад, изнесен на международния форум „Възвишеното и das Unheimliche”, организиран от Центъра за философия към Токийския университет (UTCP), Софийския литературен семинар (СЛС) и Културния център към Софийския университет, 2-4 март, 2015 г.

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