Giorgio Agamben: the Philosophical Risks of the Epidemic

Nora Goleshevska is an independent researcher, currently a member of a research program of the Institute for Academic Research in Bucharest and the Getty Foundation titled “Periodisation in the History of Art and Its Puzzles. How to deal with them in Eastern and Central Europe” (2019-2021). Ms Goleshevska holds a PhD in Philosophy of Culture: Media and Rhetoric (St. Kliment Okhridski Sofia University). She has specialised in visual semiotics (Aldo Moro University of Bari), anthropological studies of the Mediterranean and the Balkans: Italy-Bulgaria (Joint Master’s Programme of Sofia University, La Sapienza University of Rome and BAS) and contemporary art in XX-XXI centuries (Sofia University); her research is in the field of modern rhetoric, cultural theory, methodology of visual analysis, contemporary Italian philosophy and visual arts.

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Nora Goleshevska – Giorgio Agamben: the Philosophical Risks of the Epidemic (pdf)

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