Notes on the Emergency

Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Vatsov teaches philosophy at New Bulgarian University, Dept. of Philosophy and Sociology. Editor-in-chief of Critique and Humanism, as well as board chairman of the Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences – Sofia, Vatsov is the author of This is true! (Sofia: NBU, 2016); Experiments on Power and Truth (Sofia: NBU, 2009), Freedom or Recognition: Interactive Sources of Identity (Sofia: NBU, 2006); Ontology of Affirmation: Nietzsche as a Task (Sofia: East-West, 2003). Vatsov has many publications in Italian, Russian, French, Spanish, Polish and English periodicals. Political philosophy and post-analytical philosophy of language are the main foci of his work.

Correspondence address: New Bulgarian University, Department of Philosophy and Sociology, 21 Montevideo Blvd., Building 1, Office 110, Sofia 1618; email:


Dimiter Vatsov – Notes on the Emergency (pdf)

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